GreenStone Energy

GreenStone Energy GmbH (GSE) is a provider of the future from Berlin.

The founders of GSE have made it their mission to make the energy transition a successful one Conclusion: actually, all the necessary technology has already been invented.

Supplying industrial nations such as Germany with sustainable electricity in a climate-friendly way. Now it’s about simply implementing the energy transition! GSE IT developers are constantly working with methods of computer science, artificial intelligence and highly scalable IT systems selling individual kWh generated, for example, on a wind turbine are directly to those supplied by GSE to realize end consumers. Because the green power generation must reach directly the end consumers, so that the energy turnaround succeeds!

The IT system of GSE has two extraordinary advantages:

  • GSE can reduce its administrative costs to less than one tenth of the administrative costs of a municipal utility
  • In addition, GSE can easily design and implement new electricity brands, and offer household customers the low-cost, green electricity paired with additional product benefits

In cooperation with the Future Cooperative, GSE has designed a power product, „Zukunfts.Energy“.

With this product the Future Cooperative is able to offer its members, at the moment only in Germany, several advantages. On the one hand, the cost-effective purchase of green electricity. Typically, GSE is at the cost of Electricity consumption of a three-member household about EUR 150 per year cheaper than the respective basic provider of a region (or about EUR 75 cheaper than, for example, the direct Competitor Naturstrom, with a consumption of 3,500 kWh per year). Now GSE does not want to compete on its own due to its low price and therefore opens up with the electricity product for the FUTURECOOPERATIVE whose members enter into a deeper, regional, renewable and cooperative energy value creation.

The FUTURECOOPERATIVE will also invest in own production facilities in the future Please read here for more about Greenstone Energy.

Please read here for more about Greenstone Energy