What the FUTURECOOPERATIVE wants to achieve

The FUTURECOOPERATIVE is a transnational community for the development, financing and dissemination of technical and social innovations. It pursues the following overall objectives:

  • To invest in projects that promote life and coexistence in harmony with nature and the naturalness of people.
  • Creating inspiring jobs through cooperative investments for the benefit of members, society and the environment.
  • To cooperate with existing networks and build new networks to bring new products and technologies to market quickly and effectively.
  • Offering suitable technologies to members for their own use.
  • Creation of a common economic area for exchange and cooperation across national borders.

Preparation and goal setting

Sesto has been carrying the idea of the FUTURECOOPERATIVE for years. Since Sesto was a pilgrim, the idea has taken a back seat. In March 2017 he met Stefan Roth in Zurich, told him about the idea and Stefan was immediately enthusiastic.

The same thing happened when Stefan conveyed the idea to Jolanthe Pedrotti, and the team of initiators was already formed.

Only a few weeks later, the first Vision Day of the FUTURECOOPERATIVE took place in Castle Glarisegg in Switzerland. And the enthusiasm continued among all participants – as it did at the follow-ing Vision Day in Lustenau, Austria. Vision, mission and goals were formulated, and practical implementation began immediately. A core team was formed to prepare the foundation of the FUTURECOOPERATIVE, which finally took place in June 2018.

Investments: Where does the future lie?

We live within a cultural mythology that tells us we are separate beings in competitive relation for power, even for survival. We long to return to a culture of inclusiveness, cooperation, and the sharing of gifts.

Charles Eisenstein

US-American cultural philosopher and author

In new technologies that have been driven forward by small companies or developers, sometimes for decades, with a lot of patience and creativity, but often fail because of capital and knowledge for the market launch.

The FUTURECOOPERATIVE has set itself the goal of enabling these technologies to enter the market. With the common good economy and the sociocracy we use modern means, which contain a large potential, to realize small and large projects together.

Ownership structure

The FUTURECOOPERATIVE, which is wholly owned by the members of the cooperative, will be shareholders in sectoral or regional project companies. Some of these companies will have holding functions and will in turn be shareholders in operational project companies.

If necessary or advisable, joint venture partners and / or other investors may acquire shares in the holding companies and the operating companies.

The FUTURECOOPERATIVE’s business activities will concentrate on the following areas

  • Recruitment and support of cooperative members
  • Identification, examination and acquisition of suitable investment objects
  • Supervision of the business activity in the participations and support of the project companies
  • Offering suitable technologies and products to members for their own use

All activities related to the manufacture, marketing and distribution of products are carried out by the respective project companies, which means that the operational activities of the FUTURECOOPERATIVE can be kept very lean and inexpensive.

Can you identify with these goals?

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„Our main task is not to recognize what lies unclear in the far distance, but to do what is clearly ahead.“

Thomas Carlyle