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Examination of further projects

* Disruptive technologies are innovations that replace the successful series of an existing technology, an existing product or an existing service or completely displace it from the market and make the investments of the previously dominant market participants obsolete. (Wikipedia)

Since mid-2017, dozens of discussions have been held regarding participation opportunities. Several projects were either rejected or postponed after closer examination.

New technologies were given special attention. Initially, intensive discussions were held with several inventors and young companies from the USA and England, source material was studied, information provided was verified and plausibility checks were carried out.

Company visits

Two companies that had survived the first round of our multi-stage review process were personally visited in September 2017:

One of these companies, a small company from Colorado, USA, is in the process of developing a new production process for the miracle material graphene, with which larger quantities of graphene and graphene oxide can be produced at low cost. The materials will lead to a wide range of applications in a wide range of sectors.

Contract negotiations for the participation of the FUTURECOOPERATIVE, which were started during the visit, were interrupted at the end of 2017 due to unforeseen delays at the company.

The other company is based in England and is engaged in the production of a new generation of supercapacitors based on, inter alia, graphene.

This technology could soon replace the conventional lead-acid battery in motor vehicles and is therefore likely to become a billion-dollar business.


The future cooperative remains in contact with both companies.

In 2018 and 2019 we have visited various developers and companies in Switzerland, Germany, Poland and other countries, as well as participated in events and start-ups in Israel, China and Germany. Some of our selected project partners we met there for the first time.

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