Values, integration model and organisation of the FUTURECOOPERATIVE

The FUTURECOOPERATIVE is a cooperative for the development, financing and distribution of technical and social innovations. It is politically and denominationally independent.


The FUTURE COOPERATIVE makes targeted investments in projects to promote living and living together in harmony with nature and the naturalness of people. To do this, it looks for innovations and creates opportunities to promote members of the cooperative.

Social Responsibility

The FUTURE COOPERATIVE is a community for the promotion of the com-mon good economy. It unites the three “I” – Inventor – Investor – Individual plus the environment to improve the quality of life on our planet.

We create membership value instead of shareholder value.

Global Network

We create an international network for cooperative members and offer experimental rooms for the further development of basic cooperative principles. We reduce the bureaucracy to an absolute minimum and focus on common sense and benefit.


We examine and enable sustainable and sensible investments with shared risk with low entry capital.

We build a portfolio with different risk levels and take into ac-count a sensible mix of economic and social aspects.


During the vision day in May 2017, the participants gathered these values

Integration model

In the integration of developers, producers, investors and users in a cooperative we see a way to a trusting cooperation.

 None of the competencies is more important than the other, everyone needs to realize a common path. All are connected, a developer can also be a producer, user and investor. The same applies to everyone in a different form.

 The linking of all relevant interests has social, social and economic aspects.


The FUTURECOOPERATIVE, which is wholly owned by the members of the cooperative, will be shareholders in sectoral or regional project companies. Some of these companies will have holding functions and will in turn be shareholders in operational project companies.

If necessary or advisable, joint venture partners and / or other investors may acquire shares in the holding companies and the operating companies.

The FUTURECOOPERATIVE’s business activities will concentrate on the following areas

  • Recruitment and support of cooperative members
  • Identification, examination and acquisition of suitable investment objects
  • Supervision of the business activity in the participations and support of the project companies
  • Offering suitable technologies and products to members for their own use

All activities related to the manufacture, marketing and distribution of products are carried out by the respective project companies, which means that the operational activities of the FUTURECOOPERATIVE can be kept very lean and inexpensive.

The guidelines for our cooperation are based on sociocracy. All members of the organization develop shared responsibility and collective intelligence for the success of the organization as a whole and for each individual. Decisions are not made with majorities but through moderation in a consent, which ensures a harmonious social environment.

 We will implement our model locally, regionally, nationally and internationally for associated cooperatives, companies and other interested groups. The FUTURECOOPERATIVE will act as a relevant “laboratory”, pass on its knowledge and support its partners if necessary, which will be particularly important in economically weaker regions.

 We also follow “The Five Principles of Sustainability” by Michael Ben Eli.

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“We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking which created them.”

Albert Einstein