Into the future together

The FUTURECOOPERATIVE is a cooperative for the development, financing and distribution of technical and social innovations

„What one person can not do on his own, many will succeed.“
Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen

Economizing optimally, living healthy, investing

Together we can achieve more and are an inspiring community. The FUTURECOOPERATIVE unites developers, producers, investors and customers. All are members.

  • We use sustainable, organic, naturally healthy products and recommend them to others
  • Together, we build a strong participation, business and common good relationship network
  • We aim to participate in our partner companies and thereby be-come co-owners

We have made it our mission to contribute to and promote global change in consciousness. Various technological and social innovations are used to publicize and support sustainable lifestyles. Our goal is to enable all living beings to live in dignity and peace in harmony with nature. Changes to this begin in everyday life, through education and information, knowledge forums and information from the innovators.



  • We are a community for the promotion of common welfare economy. This is encouraged by the cooperative concept. We are creating “membership value” rather than shareholder value. Participation of individuals is a main emphasis of the Future Cooperative. We are politically and religiously independent.
  • Due to flexible structures, we are implementing processes easily. Associated units like additional cooperatives and other organizations facilitate efficient work and exchange of knowledge. We are creating a healthy network for future generations. The sensitization of perception for human beings, animals and the environment is encouraged.
  • We invest responsibly and provide to our members and investors sustainable sources of income. We stimulate basic income, the real economy and maintain or create jobs. With regard to the products we are investing, we want to cover as large parts of the value added chain as possible by the Future Cooperative and its partners, if this seems reasonable and feasible.




  • We create an international network for cooperative members and provide experimental facilities for the advancement of cooperative principles. We reduce bureaucracy to the absolute minimum and focus on sanity and reason.
  • We help to develop potentials and values of our cooperative members and explore possibilities for business cooperations based on economic organizations.
  • We are screening sensible investment opportunities and facilitate sustainable investments at our collective risk with low entry costs. We elaborate a portfolio with different risk levels, observing a sensible combination of economic and social aspects.