Bormia – Springwater Generator

Nadeen, Klaus-Jürgen Althoff, Nadeen, Klaus Althoff, was invited as a guest on Vogt TV. The topic “Living water through bionics”.
“Right now it’s all about good health … for everyone” – Nadeen’s statement.

With Nadeen at his production facility
See and hear the interview from him about the status of his work with the following link:
Once again, Nadeen explains competently and clearly why Bormia is so unique. A pleasure, treat yourself to this delicacy of nature, science and technology in a quiet minute. If you have any questions or would like to order a device, please write to:

Greenstone – Zukunfts.Energy

Sales at Greenstone are growing steadily this year and other brands have established themselves on the market. Under our future cooperative brand – – every member can easily switch to our house brand. Greenstone will take care of all formalities. You can find all information on this on our above-mentioned page. Known, relatives and neighbors are welcome to be informed that they can become members of the future cooperative for 100 euros and benefit from the electricity tariff and other advantages.

With Erik Oldekop – CEO Greenstone in Berlin

Martin Kisiel – Pelletproduction – Poland

Martin has found a new location for his pellet production in the last few months, which is very close to the German border. 2 out of 3 planned investors are on board. As soon as the third and last investor is already in, the production of the pellets can start within 3 months. We support Martin in the search for the third investor, interested parties are welcome to contact us and request details. Direct sales to customers in Poland are also planned, in addition to assured purchase by dealers in other countries. The members of the future cooperative receive special conditions. More information at

With Martin Kisiel in Poland