5-7th August 2019 Poland, visit Maszewo and other plants

On August 5th Martin picks us up in Berlin Tegel from the airport and we drive to Poland. On 6.8. we visit the following plants: Worowo, Maszewo, Dobra and finally the plant in
Gryfino / Gardno.

As a start, we have planned the Maszewo plant, which can be put into operation within a few weeks. The other plants need preparatory work of a few months. However, they are ideal for a later expansion of the production capacities. We were able to convince ourselves of the expertise of Martin and Sebastian. Et al we also viewed an ongoing work, which is directed by Sebastian. Pluspellet.pl, ul.Zelislawiecka 10f, 74-100 Gryfino / Gardnoon. Photos to follow …


Film with hall and property:

Film with production process: