Trust in nature. The mission.

Sanovita’s ultimate goal is to ensure the sustainable improvement of soil, seed, plant and animal health. This enables a sustainable agricultural economy along with great profit potential for growers.

At its core, Sanovita develops and distributes natural minerals, plant extracts, amino and humic acids. The products are complementary soil conditioners based on rock powders, plant extracts as well as humates of natural origin. They are made from selected raw materials and contain macronutrients (such as calcium, magnesium, sulphur) and micronutrients (such as iron, boron, zinc, manganese, molybdenum).

The benefits of Soil Health products include:

  • Incorporation of supplemental micro- and macronutrients into the soil.
  • Increased cation exchange capacity
  • Increased water holding capacity of the soil
  • Increased soil fertility due to higher microbiological activity:
  • Significantly higher profitability due to improved soil fertility


The product portfolio includes:

  • soil health
  • seed health
  • plant health
  • animal health