The Gradido Academy for Business Bionics has developed an alternative for a sustainable future monetary system that has the potential to create prosperity and peace for all.

This model is based on nature, which has successfully produced life for over four billion years. Everything in nature runs cyclically in the cycle of becoming and passing away. Thus it succeeds in constant renewal on our Earth. After this “cycle of life” also the balancing system Gradido functions. As nature shows us, practically all monetary problems of the world can be solved, and worldwide prosperity and peace in harmony with nature becomes possible. Gradido follows the ethical foundation of the Triple Good: the good of the individual, the community and the big picture. Gradido offers:

  • a basic income for every human being (active or unconditional),
  • a tax- and duty-free state budget for each country, including health care,
  • an additional compensation and environmental fund for the remediation of contaminated sites

Gradido has the potential to be the basis for achieving the 17 goals of the United Nations, which are to transform our world for the better.

Gradido Transform

The transformation of the monetary and economic system is crowd-financed with the help of the crypto currency GradidoTransform. This gives investors an interesting investment opportunity. Gradido works with HEDERA HASHGRAPH, the most modern and secure technology currently available worldwide.

In contrast to conventional crypto currencies is Gradido:

  • Fast: more than 10,000 transactions per second with 3-5 seconds to final booking
  • Secure: DDoS and Sybil attack resistant with industry-leading asynchronous Byzantine Fault tolerance (protection against hacker attacks)
  • Environmentally friendly: no mining required, therefore only one fraction of the usual energy requirement

Advantages for members of the FUTURECOOPERATIVE:

Cooperative members are closely involved in what is probably the most exciting social transformation and receive discounted investment opportunities in the GradidoTransform.