Bormia® is a project partner of the FUTURECOOPERATIVE. An innovation, production and distribution company with great future potential and based in Owingen on Lake Constance/Germany.

Here you can find future energy: ‘Energy for our life’!

Living drinking water is the life-giving component of our body. If our water treatment is natural & vital (and not artificially pumped up) it serves to increase our vitality and vitality protects us from many diseases: In a healthy body a healthy mind can live…

Owner and founder of the company, Nadeen K. Althoff, is known as an organic Kombu’Cha brewer and as an international BIO-FACH award winner (Organic Product of the Year) and has been active in natural water treatment in the organic sector for 32 years. He is an organic beverage developer and has the vision to bring more of his developments to the world.

Through his work, he became a water researcher almost automatically, because beverages – no matter which ones – are based on water. His motto: “Understanding nature – copying nature” originates from Viktor Schauberger – the father of nature-conforming water revitalisation. In order to make consumers independent of water supplies, he developed the Bormia principle from practical knowledge in his brewery, which led to the organic spring water generator and, more recently, to a further development into the organic homogenizer. It is licence-free for use with functional food – the new trend in the food market since 2020.

Nadeen addresses private households, beverage producers, food manufacturers, but especially also livestock farming, greenhouses, dairies etc., which still use antiquated methods to bring many devitale products to the market. For the first time in water research Nadeen presents cell biological and biophysical certifications, whose results are trend-setting:

Cell biology:

  1. … up to 75% increase of the energy metabolism of the cell by adding Bormia water at …a 40 percent concentration by volume…
  2. … a 40% anti-inflammatory effect on the cell through Bormia water at a 40% vol. concentration…
  3. … a 20% improvement of the antioxidative effect by Bormia water at a 20% vol. concentration
  4. … 20% increase of cell vitality by Bormia water already at a concentration of 10 Vol %.
  5. … 20% cell regenerating effect of the cell by Bormia water at a 40 vol. % concentration


“The BORMIA treatment exerts an influence on almost all central bodily functions as well as on various psychic, cognitive and mental functions, mainly on the way via the superordinate centres of central control” Both tests can be compared with each other as they were carried out with the same water.

Bormia under-sink unit
A) Complete silicone connections
B) Bormia whirler
C) Crystal waterfall
D) Filter
A – D = Maintenance free. Filter can be stored for up to 1.5 years (depending on water quality)

“Living water functions in organic systems (human, animal, plant) like key & lock. If a jag is missing on the key, the door does not open,” says Nadeen. “Living water is the basis for a functioning metabolism” is his central statement, and “a functioning metabolism always means: health!”

In the meantime many essays and lectures have been written. Nadeen is a speaker at international water congresses and has about 22 articles and many videos about ‘Living Water’ on the net.

Here are 2 selected links:

“Energized Water… between claim and reality (German)!: Youtube Link
DGEIM-internationa Water Congress, Oct.2017

“Water treatment: between the laws of nature and technology madness” (German) Youtube Link an unreserved explanation of the sense and nonsense of technical water revitalisation

2 writings in English.:

a) E-Book: 10 Commandments of living water

b) E-Book: Food Production

Transforming a principle of nature in the drinking water and food sector into applicable technology is a quantum leap in water and food technology! Bionic principles are also applicable in many areas. In this sense, the BIO-Homogenizer also shows a significant extension of stability in the minimum shelf life of with Bormia treated food.

A BIO-catalyst for the exhaust gas problem is in the final test phase and the purification of polluted waste water is in the planning stage.

In the partnership of Bormia and the Future Cooperative lies a great future potential for all members. Bormia® produces and distributes all products itself. The FUTURECOOPERATIVE is actively involved in the propagation. The members who use the Bormia product themselves can recommend it to others and thus generate an income opportunity.

Our motto: “A Bormia in every house!”